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Stockholm data centre to feature integrated heat recovery

A planned data centre in Stockholm,à‚ Swedenà‚ is being built to share its heat with the city’sà‚ district heatingà‚ scheme.

IT and telecom services firm Borderlight is to co-operate with district heating network operator Fortum Vàƒ¤rme on the design of the 5 MW data centre, which will feature heat recoveryà‚ technologyà‚ integrated directly into the server systems in combination with new heat pump design.

Sten Oscarsson, CEO of Borderlight and sister firm GoGreenHost, which will build the technology, said the companies’ goal is “to become a leading supplier of advanced IT services coupled with efficient heat recovery from data centres that reach close to 100 per cent recovery of consumed electrical power.

“Our plan is to contract installation of 30 MW in new data centre capacity in 2017 and another 60 MW in 2018, in sizes from 1 – 6 MW per site,” he added.

The data centre will be located within Stockholm Data Parks, which was launched in January to encourage major data centre operators to build facilities in Stockholm with a view to performing heat recovery on a large scale. The project is a joint initiative of the city, Fortumà‚ Vàƒ¤rme, grid operator Ellevio and fibre provider Stokab.à‚ 

The heat network connects around 90 per cent of the city’s buildings with a heating demand of 12 TWh per year.

In July, fashion giant H&Mà‚ announced that it would build a 1 MW data centre in Stockholmà‚ and feed its waste heat into the network.

Erik Rylander, head of Stockholm Data Parks, said: “With Borderlight and GoGreenHost added to the list of data centre companies that are currently focusing on heat recovery, we can conclude that all key sectors of the data centre industry can benefit from heat recovery.”