11 March 2010 – A new steam flow measurement device from US-based McCrometer is said to be ideal for campus district energy facilities and eliminates many of the common equipment layout problems associated with steam processes in HVAC and cogeneration systems.


The V-Cone steam flow meter delivers accurate steam flow measurement in a space-saver design, says the company.


The device is designed for steam process lines connecting boilers with HVAC systems or cogeneration energy systems.


The V-Cone’s self-conditioning flow design eliminates most of the straight-pipe requirements typically needed with many flow meter technologies – by controlling swirl and other flow disturbances in the pipe that affect measurement accuracy.


The meter is accurate to +0.5%, with a repeatability of +0.1%, and requires only 0–3 pipe straight diameters upstream and 0-1 diameters downstream from the meter, adds McCrometer. In today’s crowded campus district energy equipment environments, the V-Cone typically reduces real estate, piping material, associated pipe support structure and installation labour by 50% or more.