21 May 2010 – A housing cooperative in San Sebastian is the host for the first GE Jenbacher gas engine to be used for CHP and district heating in Spain.
UR BEROA S COOP provides district heating for approximately 600 houses in the residential area of San Sebastian (Bidebieta), north-eastern Spain.
By using natural gas to provide heating, instead of the diesel oil that was previously used, the project will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by roughly 1,200 tonnes per year.
The plant includes a central building with one Jenbacher 1 MWe gas engine that generates hot water, which is distributed to seven sub-central units, each one with a heat exchanger for heat and another for domestic hot water.
From there, hot water is distributed to the homes. Each sub-central unit corresponds to a group of houses, and the whole system is remotely managed and tailored to the specific temperature needs of each area.
The installation will operate throughout the year in order to meet the heat demand (for eight months per year) and domestic hot water needs (all year round) for all of the houses.
GE’s JMS 320 cogeneration system replaces the oil-based system that was previously used for heating at the cooperative. The electricity is sold to the electricity grid.