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South Korean district heating plant plans upgrade

A South Korean district heating network is to receive a boost from its operator’s plan to replace an aging gas-fired cogeneration plant with a new combined-cycle plant.

Korean utility and district heating firm GS Power, which operates the Sewaren Generating Station (pictured) in Anyang, a suburb of Seoul, has ordered two GE 7HA.02 gas turbines and associated clutched steam turbines for the new plant, with one order announced in July and the second this week.

In district heating mode, GE says, the 7HA.02 achieves more than 91% efficiency.

The new plant is expected to provide around twice the amount of power as the existing plant, while using less fuel. It will have the capacity to generate 935 MWe in combined-cycle mode, or power for around 1,870,000 households.

In the colder winter months, when temperatures in South Korea can drop to as low as -17à‹Å¡C, 100% of the steam produced by the new plant is planned to be used for district heating.