Siemens wins $500m cogeneration order in Germany

Siemens Energy has received an order worth around $500m from Stadtwerke Dusseldorf for turnkey erection of the Lausward combined cycle power plant with district heat extraction in the German city.

It will employ Siemens H-class combined cycle gas and steam turbine technology, which set a world record a year ago and has since also proven itself in commercial operation

With an electrical unit output of around 595 MW and a net efficiency of over 61 per cent, the Lausward CCPP will set a new world record for both parameters.

In addition, the generated thermal energy will be used for the district heating system in the city of Dàƒ¼sseldorf.

Up until now it has not been possible to extract 300 MWth of district heat from a single power plant unit in combined cycle operation. Thus, the overall efficiency of the natural gas fuel will be around 85 per cent.

The Lausward CCPP plant will be one of the most efficient and environmentally sustainable plants in the world.

“The energy turnaround in Germany requires a whole range of perfectly orchestrated measures”, says Roland Fischer, CEO of the Fossil Power Generation Division at Siemens Energy. “Highly efficient combined cycle power plants significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and can respond quickly enough to compensate for the fluctuations in power generation with renewable energy sources. The Lausward plant will set a world record for fuel efficiency, thereby playing an important role in achieving the objectives of the energy turnaround and climate protection in Germany.”

Udo Brockmeier, chairman of the managing board at Stadtwerke Dàƒ¼sseldorf. “With the fuel utilization factor of around 85 percent it will make a substantial contribution to achieving Germany’s climate protection targets.”

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