The UK’s secretary of state for energy has re-affirmed the government’s commitment to heat network infrastructure investment.

There has been some concern this week as to the status of various energy-related projects and investment after the British electorate voted for the country to leave the European Union.
Amber Rudd
In a speech made to the Business and Climate Summit today, energy secretary Amber Rudd reaffirmed the government’s commitment to heat network infrastructure investment.

In a statement welcoming the speech, Dr Tim Rotheray, Association for Decentralised Energy director said:

“Today’s restatement of the Government’s commitment to district heating infrastructure investment is a welcome sign to the decentralised energy community.

“The need to cost effectively decarbonise heat in the UK, deliver local infrastructure investments, and make heat more affordable remains imperative. Today’s statement reaffirms that this Government sees district heating as having key role to play in these ambitions.

“Industry will continue to work with the government to make sure that this money can bring forward low carbon heating projects at best value to the consumer.”

Building on this commitment, DECC today published a consultation to understand how best to spend the £320m heat network investment project funding that was announced in November of 2015.

At the Business and Climate Summit Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for DECC, said: “We have announced record investment in new heat networks, to enable new and innovative ways of heating our homes and businesses…. All these commitments remain in place. They will help us rebuild our energy infrastructure.”

“And I am certain that future investment in this sector will continue to flow to Britain’s strong economy.”