The International District Energy Association (IDEA) has welcomed the release of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reportCombined Heat & Power Systems: Improving the Energy Efficiency of Our Manufacturing Plants, Buildings, and Other Facilities.”

“IDEA commends the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) for this excellent report outlining the economic and environmental advantages of Combined Heat and Power (CHP),” stated IDEA President & CEO Rob Thornton. “It is a must read for anyone who is really serious about achieving greater energy security and resiliency in the US near term.”
Rob Thornton
“IDEA has long believed that large scale energy efficiency investments like CHP can strengthen economic competitiveness, optimize valuable energy resources and provide the dual benefits of saving energy and the environment in a single investment,” Thornton continued.

“IDEAmembers like Cornell University and Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) are excellent examples of the tremendous potential for CHP and district energy in cities, campuses and communities across the US and around the world.”

  It is hoped that the report can add to increasing public awareness of the benefits of cogeneration technology.

  You can access the report directly here.

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