Rehau in pipe supply deal for UK district heating

Germany-based plastics company Rehau is on track to supply pipes for larger district heating projects in the UK after signing a deal with pipe manufacturer Aquatherm.

Under the terms of the deal, Rehau will be the exclusive UK supplier of Aquatherm’s PP-R pipes sized between 200 mm and 315 mm in diameter.

According to Rehau, the deal will allow it to meet growing market demand for significantly larger-sized district heating schemes.

Rehau’s Rauthermex and Rauvitherm PE-Xa ranges are available up to 160 mm for district heating applications. According to the company, in the past this meant that projects requiring larger pipes were offered a steel-polymer hybrid solution in which the larger spine pipe would be supplied in steel and the smaller pipes coming off it would be produced in PE-Xa.

As a result of the agreement with Aquatherm, Rehau can now offer PP-R spine pipes which can be used with its PE-Xa pipework.

Steve Richmond, head of marketing & technical at Rehau, said his sales team was “being approached by customers who wanted a polymer solution for larger district heating installations.

“With the current size limit of PE-Xa pipes Rehau and Aquatherm Sales UK reached an agreement to work together to provide a solution combining our expertise in this field.

“They have agreed to exclusively supply the larger diameter pipes to us, and now we can offer more choice and tailored options to our district heating customers.”

Although district heating capacity in the UK currently stands at around 2 per cent, the government has allocated a à‚£320m funding pot aimed at stimulating growth and in April awarded à‚£24m for nine local authority projects.



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