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Ramboll chief lauds potential of UK district heating

The head of Danish heat network specialist Ramboll’s UK office says Britain has great potential for the development of district heating thanks to recent policy movements.

Crispin Matson told Environment Analyst website, “Two years ago DECC came up with a heat strategy that stated if the UK is to decarbonise it will need district heating in London and heat pumps in rural areas. Since then feasibility studies have been carried out in 180 locations.
Crispin Matson
“The Greater London Authority is also demanding all new homes are built with the capability to be hooked up to district heating. Combined with the establishment of the Heat Network Delivery Unit in the Autumn Statement and the à‚£300 million funding pot we see this industry offering great potential for our business.”

Ramboll is leading the creation of the Islington district heat network which seeks to remove heat from a Northern Line vent shaft on the London Underground and pump it into 500 nearby flats. Matson said the potential is there for heat to be taken from data centres, canals and rivers to provide zero-carbon heat both across the capital and the rest of the country.

In Ramboll’s home market of Denmark, 62% of residential buildings are heated through combined heat and power systems and in Copenhagen that figure increases to 98%. In the UK meanwhile, just 2% of homes are currently heated by CHP.