Vital Energi has won a contract to construct an energy centre, set to have a major impact on London’s heat and power infrastructure.

The heat network will be delivered for Enfield Council’s own energy company, Energetik.

It will design, build, operate and maintain the main energy centre for the $7.6bn (£6bn) Meridian Water development and install the district heating network over the next 12 years, under a contract worth £15m.
Meridian Water development in north London
This heat network is part of an £85m million integrated energy and regeneration strategy in Enfield that will interconnect with other networks at Arnos Grove and Ponders End.

The network will provide economical and efficient low-carbon heating to 30,000 homes and businesses.

Vital Energi and energetik say they hope to improve the reputation of district heating to ensure customers receive a quality service in what is a currently unregulated market.

Enfield Council is committed to cutting carbon emissions in the borough by 40% by 2020, and the carbon footprint of homes connected to the energetik network will be up to 80% less than homes with conventional heating.

The scheme underpins Enfield’s regeneration ambitions for the future and will provide £225m of economic, environmental and social benefits to local residents and businesses whilst creating new jobs in the area.