Iberdrola Ingeniería has completed the turnkey construction of a 240 MW gas-fired combined cycle combined heat and power plant in Riga, Latvia.

By using residual heat, the plant will provide heating and hot water to the southern part of the city of Riga, with a population of over 700,000.

The plant, owned by Latvian utility Latvenergo, will be operated and maintained by Iberdrola Generación for a period of 12 years. Carried out by the Iberdrola Operación y Mantenimiento, S.A. (IOMSA), marking the first plant of this type developed by the group subsidiary for third parties abroad, the station will be connected to the remote monitoring, diagnosis and simulation centre, set up in 2002 to control the operation of all the company’s combined cycle facilities.

Able to supply a fifth of the country’s electricity needs and reduce its energy dependence by some 30%, Iberdrola says the plant has an electricity efficiency of over 57%, and a total efficiency of more than 85%.

Worth around €300 million, the contract for the development was awarded two years ago. It was built on the site of an existing thermal plant (TEC-2) commissioned during the 1970s.