Germany-based MVV Energie is furthering its expansion into the Czech market by investing in cogeneration and district heating.

MVV Energie CZ, the group’s Czech subsidiary, has taken over a cogeneration power plant that generates 8.2 GWh of electricity and about 194 GWh of heating energy annually in Liberec, a winter sports resort with more than 100,000 inhabitants in Northern Bohemia.

Teplarna Liberec, a district heating company in which MVV Energie CZ already holds a 70% stake, distributes this heating energy across the city.

The Liberec plant consumed about 98,000 tonnes of municipal waste in 2010 and has an annual capacity of 106,000 tonnes.

“We have acted as a partner to local councils in our neighbouring country, contributing some of the experience and expertise we have built up in Germany over the past decades,” said Dr Georg Müller, CEO of MVV Energie, which is based in the town of Mannheim in southwest Germany.

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