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Moldovan district heating tender launched

Moldova’s CET-Nord has launched a tender for the supply of district heating network pumps, fans and frequency converters.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said CET, a provider of district heating servMoldova Victory Archices in the municipality of Balti, will divide the tender into two -one for the supply of district heating network pumps and frequency converter and one for air FD fans, flue gas ID fans and frequency converters.

The EBRD is providing a EUR7m loan towards the modernisation project in the municipality. The overall cost of the scheme is EUR10m ($10.65 million), with the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environmental Partnership (E5P) facility also expecting to contribute.

SeeNews reports that CET-Nord, owned by the Ministry of Economy of Moldova, operates one of the three major combined heat and power generation plants (CHP) in Moldova with over 100 km of network serving 93% of Balti’s population connected to the district heating system, and a coal-fired Heat Only Boiler.