A new US-based consortium that aims to support the accelerated deployment of microgrids was launched this week.

Founding members of the Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC) include Princeton University, NRG Energy, ICETEC Energy, Concord Engineering and the International District Energy Association (IDEA). Future members will include owners, operators, developers, suppliers and investors, the MRC said.

The group said it will advocate for regulatory reforms that recognise and appropriately value microgrid services, while working to assure non-discriminatory access to the grid for a wide variety of microgrid configurations and business models.

‘Today’s wholesale market rules and transmission planning were not designed with the dynamic capabilities of microgrids and their tremendous cost synergies in mind,’ said Thomas Nyquist, chair of the MRC and executive director of engineering and campus energy at Princeton University.

‘The MRC’s work to bring power market rules and practices up to date so they can integrate and incentivise microgrids … is critical to create more value for microgrid hosts, their communities and the grid as a whole,’ he continued.