Metso will supply a new biomass-fired power boiler, utilizing bubbling fluidized bed technology, and a flue-gas cleaning and condensation system to Bomhus Energi AB in a deal worth over EUR50m ($69m).
Korsnäs AB has supplied district heating water to Gävle Energi AB for 30 years. The two companies have, through the jointly owned company Bomhus Energi, decided to extend their cooperation and have chosen Metso technology to secure the delivery of district heating to the town of Gävle, and produce steam and electricity from a new turbine for Korsnäs.
The planned plant will be located inside the present premises of Korsnäs pulp mill and is scheduled to start-up in early 2013.
Bomhus Energi is a newly established company that was formed to own and operate the new cogeneration power plant. The new company is a relatively unique organization in Sweden because of the joint ownership of a private company and a community-owned company.
The new boiler plant is part of a large investment in energy security, both at Korsnäs’ factories and for Gävle Energi’s district heating system.
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