Leicester district heating scheme up and running

The first phase of Leicester District Energy, a à‚£15 million project between Cofely and Leicester City Council in the UK has become operational.

The scheme has already seen 7km of pipe work laid across the city andà‚ when fully complete, it will provide heating and hot water to 15 civic buildings, the University of Leicester and close to 3,000 council homes.
This will be one of the largest CO2 neutral projects in the UK once in full operation.

Cofely District Energy Chief Executive and chairman of the UKDEA, Simon Woodward said: “We’re very excited to start operating the first phase of this prestigious scheme.

“We are proud to be partnering Leicester City Council in building what will be one of the largest city-wide district energy schemes in the UK, and are delighted that the University of Leicester has signed up to the scheme.”

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