Leeds residents to benefit from heat network project

The city of Leeds, England is to be the site of a new low carbon heating network.

A à‚£35m district heat network is being delivered by Leeds City Council and Vital Energi ” which will be linked to the Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility (REFR).

The facility is expected to deliver low carbon heating and hot water and reduce energy bills for consumers in the city.
Around 1,983 council homes and numerous businesses will be connected to the Leeds PIPES District Heat Network, with new internal heating systems as well as smart metering solutions to be provided for 23 apartment blocks.

The project is expected to deliver savings of between 10% to 25% per year and reduce 22,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year, with all relevant homes connected by 2020.à‚ 

Councillor Lucinda Yeadon Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Environment and Sustainability said: “Today marks a very significant day in the development of Leeds as a low carbon city. The Leeds PIPES Network will revolutionise the way that heat and hot water is delivered around Leeds, taking advantage of Leeds City Council’s previous investment in the Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility.”

“One complete, Leeds PIPES will save thousands of Leeds residents and businesses a significant amount on their energy bills every month.”

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