In the US, the International District Energy Association (IDEA) announced the release of its newest publication, Community Energy: Planning, Development and Delivery, which aims to support community organizations implement district energy systems in their jurisdictions.

The document is aimed at mayors, planners, community leaders, real estate developers and economic development officials who are interested in planning more sustainable urban energy infrastructure.
District energy
The new guidebook will provide an overview of the local energy project development process, in a form that is accessible to lay readers, to assist them in making informed decisions on the analysis, planning, development and delivery of district energy systems.

IDEA, a 103-year old non-profit industry trade association based outside of Boston, Massachusetts, engaged UK-based district energy specialist Michael King, author of the UK guidebook by the same name, to revise Community Energy: Planning, Development and Delivery for the US market to reflect relevant national energy and environmental policies and incorporate current U.S. market conditions and policy drivers on a federal, state and local level.

According to IDEA President & CEO Rob Thornton, “We anticipate that the Community Energy Guide will respond to a rapidly growing level of interest in smarter energy solutions sought by cities, communities, state and local energy offices all across the U.S. Existing tools in the market are generally focused on engineers responsible for design of systems.

As such, they are highly technical and not easily understood by the range of key decision makers – civic leaders, town and city planners, treasurers and finance directors, building owners and real estate developers – who have a vital role in advancing and participating in the process of planning, development and delivery of sustainable and reliable district energy systems.”

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