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IDEA and Microgrid Resources Alliance announce merger

The International District Energy Association (IDEA) and the Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC) have announced a merger agreement, which it is hoped, will better promote the merits of microgrids.

The stated aim of the newly merged body is to integrate the resources and technical and regulatory expertise of the MRC into IDEA as part of a collaborative strategy to strengthen information exchange and advocacy efforts aimed at improving the technical, regulatory and policy landscape for microgrids.
international district energy association
The two organizations announced their plans on Wednesday before Microgrid Knowledge, a conference in New York City that draws industry participants from across North America to share best practices and innovations across a range of issues relating to microgrids, regulatory policies and market development.

“Microgrids are a growing segment of the energy industry and integral to our work at IDEA,” said IDEA President and CEO Rob Thornton. “Today, we are witnessing a paradigm shift from remote central station power plants toward more localized, distributed generation for enhanced reliability, resiliency and energy efficiency, especially in cities, communities and campuses. IDEA members have been operating CHP/district energy microgrids for decades, long before the term “microgrid” was even coined.”

“IDEA and MRC have much in common in terms of membership and mission, and we share an objective to inform energy policy makers and regulators about the myriad benefits microgrids can deliver.”

While microgrids are gaining attention due to their inherent resilience benefits, the early stage market still faces barriers to widespread implementation such as conflicting regulations at federal, state, and local levels.