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Hotab to heat Norwegian convention centre

ILC Construction has placed an order worth €3.91m with Pilum, theà‚ energy and environmental techOslofjord Convention Centernology Group’s subsidiary Hotab Biosystems , to deliver a heating plant to the Oslofjord Convention Centre in Stokke, Norway.

The aim of the facility, which will be run on wood chips and bio-oil, is to provide district heating for the convention centre, which is extending to add 1,600 new hotel rooms and a large sports centre planned for completion in 2020.

Pillum AB’s new CEO Stefan Wallerman said: “We supply equipment that is critical to ensure high availability, efficiency and flexibility for our customers. Our customer is expanding the Oslofjord Convention Center and therefore needs a new heating plant for district heating. The customer has chosen to build a bioenergy plant to reduce environmental impact.”