High voltage boilers for Potsdam district heat

Germany’s Stadtwerke Potsdam: Energie und Wasser has ordered two high voltage 10 MW boilers from Parat Halvorsen AS.

The boilers are to be installed by manufacturers AS:SCAN and KAM and will be used for grid frequency regulation and internal power management at the power plant. Heat will be delivered to district heating and to a new 45,000 cubic metre heat storage tank.

Parat‘s IEH electrode boiler (pictured) allows users to switch from cold to full load in less than five minutes, with 30 seconds from minimum to full load, the company says. Minimum load is below 1%.

Parat says power from wind and solar energy can be utilised in the boiler for steam or hot water purposes, while hot water can be stored during peak production periods and utilised when needed in district heating. à‚ 

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