Forth Energy defends Scottish CHP plans

Scotland’s Forth Energy has defended its plans to site wood-fuelled combined heat and power (CHP) plants at Rosyth, Grangemouth, Dundee and Leith, arguing that it is sustainable to ship wood from overseas and that it will buy wood fuel from certified sources, grown and managed to international standards.

The company maintains that the plants will produce reliable, renewable electricity (500 MW ” or around 9% of Scotland’s predicted 2020 demand), and 320 MW of heat” nearly a third of the Scottish government’s 2020 target of 11% of heat from renewable sources ” with the potential for district heating networks nearby.

Calum Wilson, managing director of Forth Energy, says: “This à‚£1.7 billion investment creates important opportunities for Scotland. These plants will generate à‚£26-à‚£32 million per year in local economic growth. They will support existing local businesses with low-carbon heat and encourage industrial hubs at both Grangemouth and Rosyth, while supporting new renewables manufacturing hubs at Dundee and Leith.”

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