2 June 2010 – COGEN Europe and Euroheat & Power have called for a European strategy for heat, suggesting that European Union institutions, national governments and industry work to develop such a strategy to ensure that the aim of a low-carbon energy supply by 2050 can be achieved.
The call was made at the two organization’s joint annual conference in Brussels.
Sabine Froning from Euroheat & Power and Fiona Riddoch of COGEN Europe, emphasized that such a strategy is necessary for Europe to fully exploit the advantages offered by the two established technologies: cogeneration and district heating.
A low-carbon energy supply by 2050 means a strategy not only for electricity and transport, but also heat.
By taking an integrated approach and considering both electricity and heat, Europe could optimize its use of primary energy and the supply of end-use energy.
Both organizations have a perspective on total energy delivery and both technologies have much to offer towards meeting the challenge of energy efficiency and a low-carbon energy supply for Europe.