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E.ON leads CHP drive in London

Energy utility E.ON are planning to build their drive into district heating in the city around their 62 MW power plant in the centre of London.

“There is a heat network here that is the jewel in the crown for our push into heat, which we see as one of our main areas of future growth,” said E.ON’s Sustainable Energy division managing director Michael Woodhead, speaking to businessGreen.com.

The site boasts two internal combustion engines that run on natural gas or distillate fuel, and are capable of providing 32 MW of electrical output and up to 30 MW of heat and chilled water. As advocates of CHP systems have long argued, it is significantly more efficient than generating electricity and heat separately and there is the potential to curb carbon emissions further by switching to green gas or biofuels as the primary fuel source.

The potential for district heating in the capital is exciting and E.ON are in consultation with neighbouring entities with that in mind.

“We’re talking to Barts Hospital, which is just across the road, as well as a number of other organisations… London has been talking about a heat network for some time, and if you look at the map Citigen sits at the heart of a potential heat network for this area.”

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