E.ON has marked the end of construction of its $4.84m district energy centre in Exeter, England.

New video footage has been released to celebrate the end of this part of the process ffor the facility which will serve the new Skypark and Cranbrook developments.

The E.ON building will act as the energy hub for a ground-breaking district heating network that will provide a sustainable and cost-effective source of energy to businesses at Skypark and homes at the neighbouring community of Cranbrook, according to UKDEA.
Exeter district energy centre
Ultimately the energy centre will house efficient combined heat and power engines which will provide heat and hot water 24 hours a day to both developments, with surplus electricity generated being fed back into the national grid. The energy centre will be fuelled at first by natural gas but will develop over time to run on waste wood biomass.

Footage of the new plant can be viewed at www.youtube.com/talkingenergy,

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