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Engie inaugurates second largest heat network in France

Engie has inaugurated a 26.5 MW biomass boiler unit at a district heating plant that serves 40,000 housing units located in four municipalities, including the city of Saint-Denis and towns of Stains, Pierrefitte and L’Ile-Saint-Denis.

The biomass boiler has been on-stream since October 2016 serving the district heating network known as Plaine Commune Energie.
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This network comprises nearly 60 kilometers of buried pipes and 400 delivery points. The company noted the system is the second largest district heating network in France.

The greening of the Plaine Commune district’s heat network is a significant advancement on the network, which was created in the 1950s. It now operates with more than 50% renewable energies.

The boiler project was financially supported by Ademe for €4.4 million and the Ile-de-France Region for € 2 million.

Use of biomass at the facility reduces carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 56,000 metric tonnes per year, the equivalent to the annual emissions of 25,000 vehicles.