Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower), the world’s largest district cooling services provider, has reaffirmed its continuing support to the Dubai Demand Side Management Strategy (DSM).

The initiative aims to position the emirate as a role model in energy efficiency by implementing cost-effective electricity and water demand saving measures and developing a green service market.
Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower said the company expressed its full support for the DSM Strategy through its district cooling programme, which aims to increase the penetration of district cooling systems from 16 per cent refrigeration capacity in 2011 to 40 per cent by 2030–implementing key steps in regulating the industry that are in line with Dubai’s efforts to rationalize energy consumption and increase efficiency.

The move also looks towards enhancing the emirate’s competitiveness and bringing it one step closer in its goal of achieving economic sustainability.

The strategy also complements the objectives of Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 to make the emirate a global hub for clean energy and green economy while also reinforcing its position as the city with the least carbon footprint in the world by 2050.

H.E. Ahmed Buti Al Muhairbi, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Energy, said, “2016 marked another great step in our journey towards achieving 30% savings of electricity and water by 2030. We look forward to continuing to achieve and exceed our targets with district cooling as a key contributor to electricity savings.”

Bin Shafar added, “According to the Strategy, there is a strong expectation of retrofitting the existing buildings and connecting them to the district cooling systems. We have already connected some of the most iconic projects in Dubai with district cooling services and look forward to transforming more existing projects in the future.”