E.ON forced to take down district heating advert

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld complaints made against E.ON over what was referred to as misleading price claims regarding district energy on its website.

The watchdog said E.ON breached rules regarding misleading advertising, substantiation and other comparisons when it claimed “charges are designed to be no more expensive than heating provided by a traditional gas boiler” was misleading, and couldn’t be substantiated.
E.ON building
The German-owned energy provider said the claim was made on a “like-for-like” basis and included full maintenance and asset replacement provision.

The firm claimed that its heat tariffs were made up of an Energy Service Charge, which was a fixed price element, and the Heat unit rate charged as pence per kilowatt hour (p/kWh).

The watchdog banned the ad and ordered E.ON not to include optional costs when comparing their service with traditional gas boilers.

An ASA spokesman said: “We concluded that, because the comparison included optional costs, which was not explained in the ad, the claim gave a misleading impression of the cost of district heating compared with a traditional gas boiler.”

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