A district heat network in the Bera Bera district of Donostia, (also known as San Sebastian) is to be upgraded.

The neighborhood will improve its hot water and heating network and connect it with homes in neigbouring Pagola.

600 homes will be connected via the upgrade-with additional connection to 238 housing units of Etxegintza VPO in the Pagola neighborhood.
“The network now has a lot of antiquity and suffers both caloric and water losses that account for about 40% of the total,” explains Juantxo Sabadie, president of Ur Beroa, the cooperative formed by the neighborhood community responsible for managing the service since 1985.

The scheme’s operators are keen to replace deteriorating pipe infrastructure and avoid obsolescence that would entail the communities opting for gas companies instead.

“It is an investment of close to EUR2m. We looked for the way to manage the expense but we saw ourselves at a crossroads, “says Sabadie.

Following a tendering process, the Giroa Veolia company allied with Ur Beroa on the scheme, to form the new Energy Services Company (ESE).

“It is a technological ally with which we will better manage the service and with which we assume the investment to renew the network, which will not cost the partners one euro,” said Sabadie, adding that homeowners will see their hot water and heating bills reduced by 10-15% compared to the price of the other companies in the market.

“And in addition to renewing the network it is computerized so that the neighbor will be able to know, at all times and in real time, what is their consumption,” says Juanma Taracena, CEO of Giroa Veolia, who adds that Bera Bera has all the characteristics to function as a smart neighborhood.

The network will also be powered by a one-megawatt cogeneration engine installed in the plant and running on natural gas. In turn, the thermal energy resulting from cogeneration is used to supply the neighborhood with hot water and heating.