DONG Energy renews district energy deal in Denmark

DONG Energy’s Herning biomass power plant will continue to provide district energy to three energy companies in central Jutland, Denmark.

A deal was struck this week following lengthy negotiations and DONG has also stated that the biomass heat and power plant will undergo an upgrade.
Herning biomass plant
According to the deal, Herning will supply Eniig Varme, Energi Ikast Varme and Sunds Vand- og Varmevàƒ¦rk with district heat until 2033, an agreement entailing construction of a flue gas condensation plant that will increase the plant’s efficiency.

According to DONG Energy, construction of a facility, which will utilize recovered heat, will allow the power station to deliver the same amount of heat, but consume 20 per cent less fuel than it currently uses.

The plant runs on wood chipsࢀ”about 280,000 tonnes per yearࢀ”and 70,000 to 80,000 tons of wood pellets, capable of producing 80 MW of power and 174 megajoules of heat.

DONG expects to begin building the new flue gas condensation plant during Q4 2017.

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