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District heating cogeneration success for Centrax in Germany

Centrax Limited has won another significant order in the highly competitive German district heating market.

The UK-based industrial power systems specialist has supplied its latest CX501-KB7 generator package to Stadtwerke Oerlinghausen GmbH, south-west of Hannover, where it replaces a Centrax CX571 package installed back in 1989.

Centrax district heating

This latest investment in Centrax gas turbine power ensures more than 85 per cent of the whole district heating demand can be met by this environmentally-friendly cogeneration installationà‚  when operating in conjunction with our biomass plant, with its thermal power output of 4 MW.

“This new installation rated at 5.2 MW makes the Stadtwerke more flexible and opens up the possibility of our becoming active in the by-the-minute and short-term reserve market,” reports Peter Blome, Head Manager of Stadtwerke Oerlinghausen.

“We now have a clear additional advantage in meeting the needs of the market. Also, the new gas turbine increases the town’s security of energy supply. Both were important selling points behind our decision to invest.”

Half the entire electricity demand of Oerlinghausen can be met by the CX501-KB7 package alone. When it operates with the plant’s gas engine and biomass-fired power station and gas-fired boilers the whole town’s heating requirements can be provided, as well.

Installation of the new package required close co-ordination between Centrax and Stadtwerke Oerlinghausen to ensure the plant avoided any disruption of services to its customers. Many components including the existing boiler and the plants original foundations were used for the new CX501-KB7 installation.

Consulting Engineers for the project at Oerlinghausen, BIR (Beratende Ingenieure RICHTER), were responsible for the engineering work.

Currently Centrax has a fleet of eighteen generating sets installed in Germany powered by variants of the 501 gas turbine, six of them installed at district heating plants, providing in total over 91MW.

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