A new project in the Netherlands will see construction of a pipeline grid for the transport and redistribution of residual heat and carbon dioxide from a fertilizer producer for use by vegetable growers in the nearby Terneuzen commercial greenhouse project. The project represents a novel form district heat and carbon dioxide scheme.

ABN AMRO Bank and WarmCO2, a joint initiative of port authority Zeeland Seaports, fertilizer producer Yara and infrastructure supplier Visser & Smit Hanab, have signed a ‘green’ financing agreement of €25 million, as part of an overall financial investment of €80 million.

WarmCO2 will be redistributing up to 84 MW of residual heat and 70,000 tonnes of purified carbon dioxide per year. The carbon dioxide is used by growers to enrich the greenhouse atmosphere and encourage crop growth. Normally, they would use a gas-fired boiler to produce both carbon dioxide and heat throughout the growing season, or a CHP system that also supplies electricity. The redistribution of heat and carbon dioxide from Yara via WarmCO2 will save some 52 million m3 of natural gas, or a 90% reduction in fossil fuel consumption, says Biopark Terneuzen.