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Association for Decentralised Energy responds to NIC call for evidence

THE UK’s leading decentralised energy advocate has welcomed a call for evidence from the newly initiated government National Infrastructure Commission (NIC).
Tim Rotheray
The National Infrastructure Commission is a new, independent body which looks broadly at long-term infrastructure needs and provide impartial advice to ministers and Parliament. Part of its latest call for evidence focuses on improving how electricity demand and supply are balanced.

Dr Tim Rotheray told COSPP that in the view of the Association for Decentralised Energy, infrastructure should be developed being mindful of value for customers and increased productivity but also of the synergies that can exploited in heat, power and transport.

“It means controlling consumer costs by cutting waste from the energy system and using existing infrastructure more effectively. It also means understanding the interactions between heat, power and transport to ensure synergies are exploited.”

He said applying those principles to the energy system means meant understanding the real change it represents in how homes and offices are heated, and particularly emphasised the potential role of district heating.

“For cities, heat network infrastructure is able to help capture the huge amount of wasted energy in our energy system, both to cut carbon and deliver best value heating for customers.”

“UK policymakers are already increasingly recognising the value of these benefits, but if we are to deliver a step change in district heating investment we need to ensure district heating has a similar investment risk profile as other forms of energy infrastructure.”