26 August 2010 – Following the promising results from a test facility, Bogense District Heating of Denmark has invested in an 8 MW biomass plant supplied by Dall Energy.

The number of heat consumers in Bogense was constantly increasing so Bogense District Heating needed  to expand its district heating (DH) capacity.
In December 2009, Peter Lind, CEO of Bogense District Heating, saw a 2 MW demonstration plant from Dall Energy in action.
The operation of the test plant was stable and the environmental benefits were convincing so negotiations between Dall Energy and Bogense were initiated.
A contract was signed in May of this year.
According to Lind, his company has made an agreement with the municipality to use wood from their parks and gardens, delivering carbon dioxide-neutral energy back to the town.
Dall Energy expects the biomass plant to be operational at the beginning of 2011.
Dall Energy´s business include plants for DH and gasification to produce electricity and heat production.
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