Copenhagen reduces emissions with biomass


The Danish capital, Copenhagen, is to benefit environmentally from the transformation of one of its power plants into a biomass fuelled operation.

A new heat agreement will enable the Avedore power station’s Unit 2 to be 100% fuelled by wood pellets.
The heat companies Centralkommunernes Transmissionsselskab I/S (CTR), VEKS and DONG Energy have concluded the new agreement for the period until 2027.

The investment in the expansion will total almost $17m and the biomass-based heat agreement ties in well with the ambitions of the heat companies VEKS and CTR to increase the share of biomass-based heat to the Greater Copenhagen area.

“The transition to more green heat from the Avedàƒ¸re power station will probably reduceà‚ CO2 emissions from the heat supply in the capital by just over 10% a year from 2015. This will provide a sound contribution to CTR’s objective to supply CO2-neutral heat to its owner municipalities in 2025, and to Copenhagen becoming the world’s first CO2-neutral capital,” says Ayfer Baykal (Socialist People’s Party), Chairman of CTR’s Board of Directors.

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