Composite materials district heating pipe system launched

UK-based district energy technology firm CPV Ltd has launched what it called ‘the next generation’ of district heating pipe systems.

The firm said its Hiline GRE system includes a service pipe constructed from glass-reinforced epoxy (GRE) encased in a layer of bonded polyurethane foam and a protective outer casing. The pipe can handle temperatures and pressures that would be beyond the normal limits for polymer-based pipe systems, CPV said, as well as having no corrosion risk. à‚ 

The outer casing is bonded to the service pipe with a layer of polyurethane foam insulation. Unlike systems with an air gap, CPV claims, this design offers greater reliability and improved thermal efficiency.

The firm said the system is suitable for operating temperatures up to 120à‚°C at 10 bar.

Mark Whettall, CPV’s managing director, noted that ‘with the district heating sector expanding so rapidly, system owners and developers are looking for greater levels of reliability.

‘Although if designed, installed, operated and maintained correctly, a steel pipe system will offer long service life, the risk of corrosion is always present ” especially if the outer casing gets damaged and ground water ingresses into the insulation,’ he added.

And he said his firm is ‘getting a lot of interest for these systems, particularly from network owners and developers that have previously had bad experiences with corrosion of steel systems.’ à‚ 


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