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CHP energy centre to benefit London’s Riverlight scheme

A brand new commercial and residential development on the banks of the Thames will be served by its own energy centre.

Hundreds of properties at the Riverlight development near the famous Battersea
Power station, will be served by an energy centre housing a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit, gas fired boilers and ground source heat pumps. These will provide the site with heating, cooling and hot water.

SSE Enterprise Utilities has built the centre as a way to showcase low carbon living.

Heat is produced on-site, in a purpose-built energy centre and supplied to homes through a district heating network. The system will reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 25% from traditional gas boiler levels.

Nathan Sanders, Managing Director of SSE Enterprise Utilities said: “With every new large scale energy centre constructed, this further supports the growing understanding and acceptance of distributed energy and district heating within the UK.”