China district heating firm visits IDEA

Chinese district heating firm visits US IDEA
Chinese district heating firm visits US IDEA

The US-based International District Energy Association (IDEA) hosted China’s Beijing District Heating Group (BDHG) this week during the latter group’s study tour of North America, IDEA has announced.

During the meeting, BDHG’s president Liu Shui Yang (pictured, right) discussed the current state of district heating in China, revealing that, as part of Beijing’s environmental plan, the firm plans to invest over RMB100 billion (around $20 billion) to accelerate district energy deployment by 2030. IDEA presented findings on the North American district energy industry along with policy and regulatory updates.

In a move to boost international collaboration and global deployment of district energy and combined heat and power, last month IDEA signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for collaboration with the Korea District Heating & Cooling Association, the China District Heating Association, Euroheat & Power, and Mongolia’s ministry of energy.

Rob Thornton, IDEA’s president and CEO (pictured, left), said: ‘We are pleased to welcome President Liu Shui Yang and his colleagues from Beijing District Heating Group to the United States. The scale of district heating across Beijing is enormous and we applaud BDHG for their impressive achievements in expanding the heating network, reducing customer energy intensity and emissions while lowering the overall carbon footprint for Beijing. They are making good progress on their strategy of “blue sky, green energy, and smart heating”.’


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