Cambridge-based COHEAT claims heat network innovation


COHEAT, a Cambridge-based energy technology company specialising in community scale heat networks, is working with Trident Social Investment Group to deliver what they describe as, ‘the world’s first truly integrated heat network’ for a social housing development in the UK’s West Midlands.

COHEAT claims that heating costs could be reduced by as much as 50 per cent for residents and social landlords with its advanced 5G heat networks.
The company’s distributed control systems deliver significant improvements in the efficiency and capacity of district heat networks. Combining its advanced controls with standard insulated pipes, heat pumps, and boilers creates an advanced 5G heat network.

Designed for groups of 20 or more properties, COHEAT’s 5G heat networks are an economic replacement for costly and unreliable individual heating and hot water systems.

James Verrill, managing director of COHEAT said: “Having worked through the feasibility study, we’re now in a position to pilot the technology by upgrading a new network which will become fully operational in a couple of months. The development of this technology supports the Government’s aims to deliver future-proof, affordable, low-carbon community heat for both landlords and tenants.”

Marko Cosic, technical director of COHEAT added: “While there are competing technologies providing smarter heating controls for individual homes, they make no attempt to integrate these with heat networks as closely as COHEAT does.

“This level of integration allows us to use advanced algorithms for thermal storage and load management; reducing the cost of heat networks whilst improving the user experience and energy efficiency. As far as we’re aware, this is a world first for heat networks. Whilst conventional networks might need 500 homes to be economically viable, our 5G technology allows smaller housing developments to benefit from community heating schemes.

“Social landlords and developers will have access to an advanced, cost effective heating system that scales down to the smallest of developments.”

Tony Clark, Director of Housing at Trident Social Investment Group said: “To help further alleviate fuel poverty, this innovative 5G heat network will allow us to customise the look, function, and language of heating controls to suit each resident and provide real-time feedback on energy consumption. This will allow our residents to better manage their comfort levels and energy bills.

“On a very practical level our maintenance team looks forward to the heating equipment being located centrally so that it can be maintained without disturbing residents. In addition, should internal maintenance problems arise, such as water leaks or damp, the system immediately alerts our staff so that we can respond quickly.”

The new heat network will go live in August. COHEAT will present interim results in late 2015, with a full independent evaluation of the 5G technology at the end of the heating season in Spring 2016.

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