Boston authorities recommend microgrid developments

In a bid to counter the natural disasters that have afflicted areas of the city over the past three decades, Boston‘s authorities are looking to microgrids as part of the solution.

Microgrid Knowledge reports that since 1991, the city has experienced 21 events that triggered federal or state disaster declarations. City officials are responding to that finding published in the final report of Climate Ready Boston.
Boston skyline
“The city should pursue community energy solutions, such as district energy systems or microgrids, that increase energy reliability and decrease greenhouse gas emissions,” the report asserts, before going on to call for microgrid development in severalà‚ neighborhoods to avert power outages and promote low-carbon energy.

The report recommends thatà‚ priority be given to microgrids that serve clusters of affordable housing or critical facilities. It pinpoints specific locations that could benefit from the technology.

“Climate change poses a greater threat to some Bostonians. The very young and very old, people who do not speak English, and those with low incomes or medical illnesses or disabilities are all at elevated risk,” said Boston Mayor Martin Walsh in the report’s introduction. “By ensuring that our solutions are built together with those communities and in response to their needs, climate action will help us build a more equitable city.”

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