Bosch have extended its market leading Combined Heat and Power offering to include modules ranging from 600kWe – 2MWe, in a move that will be of great benefit to industrial CHP and large scale district heating applications.

ADE reports that as a continuation of the manufacturer’s range of heating and cooling products, Bosch’s new MoSys (Module Systems) CHP units boasts increased outputs, allowing each module to provide the simultaneous generation of electricity and usable heat from the same source.
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The extended range requires less fuel to generate the same thermal and electrical output as a conventional boiler and electrical grid supply solution, helping to significantly reduce CO2 and NOx emissions. The benefit of the modular nature of the new Bosch CHP systems is that each module is easier to install, which saves time on projects, and ultimately limits spend.

The new higher outputs also offer greater possibilities for configuration and usage with the range particularly suited to industrial applications such as factories or large scale district heating projects.

Shaun Mansbridge, Business Development Director at Bosch Commercial and Industrial, comments: “By offering a pre-fabricated system and accompanying 3D BIM files for each module we hope the new Module System will help to modernise the large scale CHP market and transform a historically design intensive and custom project into a standardised off-the-shelf solution.”

“In broadening the CHP range businesses and organisations in the UK are able to benefit from significantly reduced energy consumption and high levels of efficiency meaning that an initial investment may be repaid in as little as two years.”