Austrian waste management firm LINZ AG STROM has commissioned Alstom to apply its AmStar 888 corrosion protection to the steam generator of the Linz-Mitte waste-to-energy power plant.

The Linz-Mitte waste-to-energy plant has been operational since 2012 and is the most recent addition to LINZ AG STROM’s power plant fleet. With this power plant, the proportion of district heating generated from non-fossil fuels will increase from the current figure of 17% from the biomass cogeneration plant to approximately 40%. Each year, the plant is designed to re-use roughly 200,000 tonnes of processed waste and around 50,000 tonnes of sewage sludge produced by the Asten sewage treatment plant.

Protective coatings counteract the chlorine-induced corrosion in the circulating fluidised bed boiler of the waste processing plant, extending the interval between scheduled maintenance.

Josef Aichinger, Head of Power Plant Maintenance at LINZ AG STROM, explains: ‘Our waste processing plant is at maximum capacity and thus is highly efficient. Since unscheduled downtimes have a negative impact on availability and increase maintenance costs, process optimisation is extremely important to us.’