Amsterdam set for $455m district heating boost

Vattenfall is to optimize and connect the district heating networks in Amsterdam.

The project is part of a €400m provisional joint investment between Vattenfall and waste processing company AEB Amsterdam to overhaul the current district heating in The Netherlands’ capital city.

“Vattenfall wants to make fossil-free living possible within one generation,” said Alexander van Ofwegen, director of Vattenfall’s heat operations in the Netherlands. “For district heating, this means that we want to change to a fossil-free supply and come to a completely CO2-free heat supply in 2040.”

Amsterdam residents currently get their district heating from two different sources: Vattenfall’s Diemen power station and AEB Amsterdam. The new project will connect the New West and Zuider Amstel areas of the city with a 3.8 km pipeline. A ‘heat buffer’ will also be built in which 3600 m3 of hot water can be stored. This allows more heat to be supplied from AEB Amsterdam to the existing grid. An auxiliary heat plant will be installed at the same location for the coldest days of the year to guarantee more reliable district heating.

Construction of the pipeline will start this month (March) while the auxiliary heat plant and buffer will get underway in July.

van Ofwegen added: “By this initiative, we can transfer more residual heat to homes from a source such as waste. Vattenfall is already actively developing and using multiple sustainable sources for its heat network. By connecting the networks, we can add even more sustainable resources and make them available to the entire city.”

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