German cleantech company InvenSor is presenting a new adsorption chiller with a cooling capacity three times higher than the previous model, the firm said. The LTC 30 e plus has a power output range of 10-35 kW.

With a maximum thermal coefficient of performance (COP) of 0.75 – describing the efficiency of the use of heat for cooling – and an outstanding maximum energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 33, the new InvenSor LTC 30 e plus is one of the most efficient chillers on the market, the company claims.

InvenSor systems use warm water as an operating energy to power cooling generation with typical heat sources including combined heat and power units, industrial process heat, district heating, and solar thermal systems.

‘This product is a small revolution in the field of thermal cooling in Europe. We increased all of the technologically relevant performance figures while at the same making the technology even more efficient,’ said Sören Paulußen, Managing Director of InvenSor GmbH.