ADE head of policy proclaims value of district heating

The potential of district heating to contribute to the UK’s overall energy future was again highlighted at an event in London this week.

Energy Live News reports that Jonathan Graham, Head of Policy at the Association for Decentralised Energy outlined the value of the technology as part of an overall menu of technologies capable of assisting decarbonisation.
Jonathan Graham
“I don’t believe in silver bullets, there’s no one thing in heat that will solve all of the problems,” said Graham.

“However, if you look at power stations, if you look at industrial sites, if you look at cities, you all have quite a significant amount of heat currently that is not being used and together they waste enough heat to heat every home in the UK.”

Mr Graham added: “London alone produces about 12,000 GW hours of waste heat a year so there’s a huge heat resource that’s available that we are not currently tapping.”

District heating has been shown to lower energy and maintenance costs, reduced emissions, increase efficiency, provide security of power supplies and reduce fuel poverty.

Around à‚£320 million of government funding is expected to be invested in district heating in next five years, leveraging à‚£2 billion of private and local capital investment.

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