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ABB supplies district heating for China’s Shangri-La

ABB is to supply a district heating system for the Chinese Himalayan city of Shangri-La.

The first phase of the $26 million project is planned to come online in summer 2017, and to significantly reduce emissions from five of the city’s districts by shifting residents from burning coal and wood for heating during the winter months, when temperatures can reach -27C.à‚ 

The district heating system is expected to cut coal use in the city by around 17,000 tonnes per year, reduce dust emissions by 460 tonnes, and save 220,000 cubic metres of local woodland, according to ABB. à‚ 

The company said it will supply the equipment from the steam-to-water heat exchanger in the boiler room to air-source heat pumps for end users, as well as electrical and mechanical equipment. A local SCADA system in each district will communicate with a central control and monitoring system in order to deliver heat when and where it is needed.

The project is being undertaken in collaboration between the company’s Danish and Chinese businesses, and is financed in part through a €20 million ($22 million) loan from Danida Business Finance, a Danish government development programme.à‚