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Derby focuses on CHP for city’s energy

Derby council in the UK are keen to utilize the potential of combined heat and power technology for the city’s energy needs.

Councillor Hardyal Dhindsa expressed his wish to see the technology being deployed in Derby.
Derby, UK
Councillor Hardyal Dhindsa said in June he wanted to see more use of combined heat and power, or CHP, technology, saying: “This technology is especially relevant to Derby as a compact city.”

“It has the potential to provide a locally-produced, cost-effective source of energy which could one day power much of the city.”

Now the city council has put out an invitation to companies to submit quotes for work, to evaluate the potential for CHP across Derby in a number of sites, aiming to see of a citywide network can be established.

Once awarded, the contract is expected to run for five months from October 2012.

Mr Dhindsa also wants district heating to be included in a revised version of the city’s development strategy.

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