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DEIF controllers consistently relevant in evolving energy system

Global controller specialistsà‚ DEIFà‚ are in tune with the growing relevance of decentralized energy systems, because they have been effectively serving that market for decades.

David J Stringer, Business Development Manager at DEIF toldà‚ Decentralized Energyà‚ that, in his position as a board member atà‚ EGSA (Electrical Generator Systems Association)he’s been helping to increase awareness of the expertise of its members in areas at the centre of the clean energy revolution.

“There is an awareness that we need to embrace new technologies. At EGSA we are now setting up a subcommittee and microgrid subcommittee enabling companies with an interest in microgrids or renewable energy under a government banner.”

“We want the government to fund this type of work, particularly incentives for microgrids, and we’re trying to drive momentum.”

Stringer believes the work of the subcommittee is helping others under the EGSA stable improve their overall understanding of what’s possible.

“For those companies already within EGSA, they’ll see there are companies already driving this as before, that avenue wasn’t clear.”

EGSA has a strong pedigree in conventional power generation but has shown itself to be receptive of emerging technologies. DEIF is ideally placed to move less traditional technologies participant in the group forward more into the agenda.

Established in Denmark in 1933, the Group is today a global market leader in green, safe and reliable control solutions for decentralised power production on land or at sea.

All production facilities are located at the Danish HQ in Skive and with 20% of employees working in R&D, it has a long history of innovation in developing environmentally friendly ways of increasing overall performance, reducing maintenance intervals and fuel consumption for the world’s power generating industries.à‚ 

“We’ve been involved with decentralized energy for a number of years now. At the present time, we have up to 300 MW of power running off grid supporting islands and governments in their power production, in emergency, in critical, conflict-ridden areas.”

“DEIF is the controller of choice to control that power from engines into the utility or into a separate part of the grid. Our biggest clients have allowed us to do this and we are renowned in the world for our ability to control multiple sets.”

“10 -50 gensets-once you get beyond that it gets very complex but you put a DEIF controller on each of those gensets, connected to a master client controller. For example, what we did with Fukushima ” 250 generators. 2 MW each and a DEIF controller on every single one of them.”

The company is also currently in demand in disaster-hit Puerto Rico.

“There we have connected fast turbines and diesel gensets together, 300-400 MW in total. Our engineers just returned from the last week. We partnered with APR Energy from Jacksonville, Florida ” they put in the turbines and generators and we supplied the controllers of that equipment. That is a huge project.”

Image -à‚ Courtesy of DEIF A/S

DEIF is also participating in simultaneous other projects, involving the integration of batteries, solar and diesel microgrids at the moment.

It’s part of the growing trend towards greater resiliency in the face of the threat from natural phenomena as well as cybersecurity.

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