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Davey forces through energy plant despite Osborne opposition

In yet another example of the coalition government’s division on energy matters the UK energy secretary Ed Davey has pushed through approval for a giant energy from waste plant in the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne’s Cheshire constituency.

Mr Osborne was first to sign a 25,000-strong petition against building the plant that will devour 600,000 tonnes of rubbish every year.

à‚  However Mr Davey’s approval means only a high court challenge can stop the plant, run by E.ON and Tata, from going ahead.

à‚ “I campaigned hard against the incinerator and am, therefore, naturally disappointed with the decision,” he told constituents, many of whom were enraged by the decision.

à‚ The facility will power Tata’s nearby chemicals plant.

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