Council says no evidence of con in failed CHP scheme

An investigation into why a major London combined heat and power housing project was never completed failed to probe the involvement of a major fraudster, council papers have revealed.

Lambeth Council appointed one of the world’s largest auditors, KPMG, to examine the breakdown of the Roupell Park boiler project, which aimed to provide a modern heating system for 569 homes, according to thisislocallondon.

The combined heat and power (CHP) project remains unfinished and more than à‚£8m of taxpayers’ money was subsequently wasted.

But according to a report, which was due to be discussed at the council’s housing scrutiny sub-committee on Wednesday, February 1, the connection between the failed project and an elusive suspected con man, Alex Watson-Jones, was never properly investigated.

The council report’s authors instead claimed there was “no evidence” to suggest the former housing contractor played a “significant role” in the combined heat and power project, as he was dismissed “well before any subsequent overspends”.

A council spokesman said some 13,000 documents were handed to auditors as part of an investigation into the failed boiler project and said the investigation into its failings had been “thorough”.

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